Thursday, September 28, 2006

And I Am Still...

...organizing. Yes, that's right. Two days later and I'm still organizing my digifiles. However, I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the outcome thus far. Thanks to Gina for sharing how she does it, for I find that this works so much better for me! It is taking a long time b/c I have so many things I've downloaded, plus, I am making a concerted effort to make sure each file name is appropriately labeled.

Let me share a few pics!

As Gina, I have an overall list of folders with titles such as Alphas, Kits, Numbers ,Elements, Punctuation, etc. Then, within each folder, I have subfolders. I have the view customized so that I can see the preview page (if appropriate) or the first letter of the alpha/number set, or just several images of what is in it.

This is the view of my Kits folder. I am loving this. I can see all my colors right away and this gives me my initial inspiration. I keep all the pieces together in these folders.

I then make a copy of each piece of the kit and file it in the appropriate place. For example, within my elements folder, I have sub-folders for the different types: brads, tags, ribbons, staples, stitching, overlays and more:

And then, for viewing what I have in each subfolder, I switch the view to "Thumbnails" so I can see everyting. I have a Papers folder that has categories such as Patterned Paper, Solids, and Textured paper, as well as folders for various paper kits that I've collected:

And, this is a glimpse into my Word Art subfolder:

Again, credits to Gina for sharing her method!

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Shalini said...

So far, I've kept my kits intact. It's working for me thus far. I don't have a *whole* lot, and I have freakish memory about which brad is from which kit. So, if I need a tarnished brad, I know where to go. LOL